Medi Spa Facials
Let our facial experts take you above and beyond your expectations with a customised Medi Spa treatment to calm, hydrate, protect and restore the natural balance of your skin.
(A course of our Medi Spa facials is the ideal preparation for our more advanced Shibata treatments)

Introducing our Mayerling De-Aging Facial treatment

Mayerling De-Aging Treatment Program:
Your customised treatment is fast, simple and painless with NO downtime and consists of 6 in-salon treatments, using a unique Nanopeel plant acid formula & prescribed take home product to be used in conjunction with your salon treatments.
Treatments are quick, lasting just under an hour. There is no pain, no needles or machines and no down time.

Phase 1.
3 treatment course including your take home Moisturiser to calm, hydrate, nourish and protect your skin after your Medi Spa Peel treatment.
$440.00 including your unique take home moisturiser to be used in conjunction with your tretments.

Phase 2.
Next stage of unique 3 treatments
Payment plan options are available.

The Story Behind The Science
Multi award winner & Sydney based cosmetic surgeon Dr Lawrence Ho, founded
Mayerling in 1999, when his results-based research led him to develop a brand that
achieves clinical results with minimal effort and without any downtime.
His findings were based on first-hand research, where he followed the treatment of clients
who were undergoing laser skin rejuvenation. The end results proved that resurfaced skin
is the key to younger looking skin.
Mayerling are leaders in exfoliation, resurfacing and skin renewal. They have formulated their own clinical peels and have been supplying the beauty industry for over 20 years.
Mayerling work on the premise that for the skin's texture to improved, it must be resurfaced. The old cells need to be removed, allowing the new, young, healthy skin cells to
regenerate from deep within the skin.

Experience the difference with Mayerling Skin Renewal System

All our Medi Spa Facials include:
Skin prep, Mayerling Skin Renewal System AHA re-surfacing peel, a calming botanical mask & a De-Aging hand treatment.
For best results we recommend 2 intensive 3 treatment courses over a 6 week period.


New Skin

Long Lasting


Let's Meet...

SKINFAKOR is a professional-only delivery system used to amplify the results that can be achieved in each and every clinical treatment and at home.

A unique relationship between technology and functionality, this concept works to correct and prevent skin conditions such as premature ageing, lines and wrinkles, blemishes, uneven skin tone, rough skin texture and dehydration.

SKINFAKTOR works with medical efficacy through a non-invasive process within the skin and restore optimal skin health - all without downtime, pain and skin irritation.

Patented German technology combined with the most sophisticated ingredients - SKINFAKTOR is the leader in non-surgical skin revision and rejuvenation.

Professional Dermal Treatments...

After performing a professional consultation, we will customise a treatment recipe exclusively for you, based on your skin condition, skin concerns, lifestyle and budget.

SKINFAKTOR treatments are designed by our Skin Specialists to correct undesired skin conditions and prevent premature ageing. Utilising patented technology and sophisticated actives, SKINFAKTOR is your boutique cosmeceutical treatment plan that optimises long term skin health. To ensure the highest level of results, your Skin Specialist will prescribe a course of professional treatments and synergistic home care to maximise your investment in YOU.

The Signature

Peeling / Poly Abrasion / Collagen Activation / Intensified Hyaluronic Acid & Peptide delivery

60 Mins

An intensive 3-in-1 treatment where the skin is prepped and softened with a gentle, yet active complex of fruit acids before being micro-polished using a Poly Abrasion technique to refine and re-texturise. Progressing through collagen activation technology-leveraged ingredient delivery and targeted wrinkle infusion. The Signature offers revitalisation, rejuvenation and regeneration. A high performance lifting mask will intensify your treatment and leave your skin feeling fresh, light and well hydrated. It's like boot camp for your skin!


The Brightener:

Peeling / Poly Abrasion / Technology leveraged delivery of Brightening Complex

60 Mins

Designed for skin with hyperpigmentation, sun damage or uneven skin tone, The Brightener uses advanced tyrosinase inhibitors to rehabilitate and normalise pigmentation processes whilst promoting a bright and radiant complexion. The proprietory Skinfaktor ingredient delivery system is further amplified by a gentle fruit acid peel and Poly Abrasion. finishing with a high-performance calming and pigment inhibiting mask, the skin will feel refined, toned and hydrated.


The Purifyer:

Deep Cleanse / Peeling / Poly Abrasion / Concentrated delivery of Purifying Complex

60 Min

Highly effective treatment for oily, congested and problematic skin conditions, combining a synergistic blend of actives to break through excessive oil-flow, kill the acne bacteria and inhibit reinfection, exfoliate and purify. peptides enhance the cellular network and promote healing where there is inflammation present. Your skin will feel "clean", refined and re-texturised.


The Classic:

Deep Cleanse / Enzyme Therapy / Peeling / Performance Mask

60 Min

Not just your average facial, the Classic offers both results and relaxation - for those who want it all! 100% hands-on, your skin therapist will customise a treatment to target your skin concerns. Using a combination of active enzymes and fruit acids to optimise skin cell renewal and combat premature ageing. A cocktail of potent serums will be massaged into the skin to directly target and correct specific conditions through improved cellular communications. Concluding with a specific high-performance mask, your skin will be re-texturised, hydrated, even in tone, plumped and "clean"


The Healer:

Deep Cleanse / Enzyme Therapy / Strengthening performance mask

30-45 Mins

Skin strengthening treatment to correct a compromised, sensitised skin with reduced barrier function. Focusing on non-invasive enzyme exfoliation to rebuild the skins natural protective barrier and reprogram a healthy skin function. Concluding with Skinfaktor's unique WOW mask and targeting serum, the skin is boosted onto the path of repair.


Optional Treatment Add-on's:

Your Skinfaktor specialist can upgrade your treatment service to include one of our specialised Hydration masks and / or LED therapy for added benefit.

Hydrogel Eye Mask - $20.00

Hydrogel Mask for Neck - $20.00

Instant hydration / Increased radiance / Plumping / Anti-inflammatory

LED Therapy - from an additional $45.00

Course packages and payment plans available. For more information on these please consult with one of our specialised Skinfaktor Therapists.

Product that packs a PUNCH...

Just as the body needs a well balanced diet to function, the skin also requires a delicate balance of nutrients to perform at its optimum. No matter how beneficial a single nutrient may be, the key to achieving skin health is in the combination of ingredients delivered effectively into the skin.

SKINFAKTOR is a boutique cosmeceutical system formulated with the highest concentration of ingredients needed to achieve maximum results without ever compromising the integrity of the skin. With unique ingredients in our professional-only system, SKINFAKTOR will amplify the results you can expect both at home and in-salon.

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