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Our modern lifestyle's put the skin under strain. The complexion becomes dull, signs of tiredness are more and more visible and the face is marked.

PAYOT Laboratories have found the solution for radiant, revived and healthy skin...whatever your age!

High Performance facial - 75 mins $159.00

An Anti-Ageing treatment with immediate lifting and smoothing effects. The latest in Anti-Ageing solutions that give the skin radiance by treating for loss of firmness and elasticity. Includes a luxurious "Hand facial"

Classic Facial - 60 mins $125.00

A comprehensive treatment intended to tone and re-energise and bring radiance back to the skin. This facial will give you optimum cleansing and deep hydration. Your skin will simply glow with radiance while you feel vitally refreshed.

Deep Cleansing Facial - 60 mins $125.00

A deep cleansing treatment to purify your skin, providing effective results. Incorporating cleanse, steam, extractions and treatment mask. Suitable for all skin types, especially ideal for oily and problematic skin.

Petite Essential Facial - 45 mins $75.00

Short on time? This energising treatment is made from a cocktail of super fruits. A unique moment of relaxation and energy.

Botanical Extracts is an Australian natural plantceutical skincare range without the Nasties that combines the latest in proven science from European laboratories with herbal extracts, the latest plant derived active complexes and the higest quality of Essential Oils for every individuals best personal skin results and wholistic wellbeing. Allow us to reawaken your senses and transport you to another level of relaxation during your treatment.

Botanical Extracts Facials:

Botanical Extracts Signature Facial - 45 mins $83.00

This therapeutic facial treatment utilises natural plant actives and herbal extracts. It is designed to deliver the best results for your skin as well as taking you on a sensory journey, leaving you relaxed and renewed. The Botanical Extracts Signature Facial is customised to suit all your personal skin care needs and concerns.

Botanical Extracts Brightening Facial - 60 mins $93.00

This enriching facial treatment is designed to lighten and brighten the skin. Fantastic for dull devitalised skins and for those that are concerned with pigmentation and discolouration on the skin. The Brightening Facial Treatment utilised natural plant lightening extracts that will make the skin look luminous and smooth.

The Botanical Extracts HydroMax Facial (For men) - 60 mins $93.00

A super hydrating facial designed without the fuss for any discerning male wanting the best for his skin and wellbeing. It will target men's skin care needs such as ingrown hairs, congestion and irritation from shaving. Includes a 20min back treatment and massage for maximum stress relief as well as skin results.

Advanced Facials: LED Photo-rejuvenation with SSLED

What is a SSLED Facial?

SSLED treatment (Seven Spectrum Light Emitting Diode) is a non-invasive light therapy that can treat a wide range of skin conditions successfully and has been proven to restore youth to ageing skin, encourage cellular rejuvenation, calm red capillaries and blemishes, as well as reduce acne and oily skin without producing heat in the tissues and destroying skin cells. SSLED uses a scientific process that applies seven wavelengths within the visible light spectrum to send regulated light of a specific frequency into the dermal layer, providing energy for cellular metabolism to produce softer, clearer, more youthful looking skin.

Treatments are available for:

Ageing skin

Oily & Problematic Skin


Sluggish Skin

Stressed Skin

Dry Skin

Environmentally Damaged Skin


Sensitive Skin

Couperose Skin (Broken Capillaries)




What are my SSLED treatment options?

Balancing for Normal Skin.

Purifying for Oily & Problematic Skin.

Balancing for Combination & Stressed Skin.

Soothing for Sensitive, Couperose & Rosacea.

Purifying for Eczema & Psoriasis

Hydrating for Ultra Dry & Dry Mature skin.

Anti-Ageing for Tired & Sagging Skin.

Anti-Wrinkle for wrinkles & lines

Brightening for Pigmentation

Anti-Ageing for Fresh Scarring & Stretch Marks.

SSLED Treatment Prices:

Full SSLED Facial: Customised to suit your concerns and your Skins needs


SSLED Add-On: Add a SSLED treatment (Express treatment)to any other treatment on the Pure Aqua Day Spa menu


Express SSLED Treatment:


What can I expect in a SSLED treatment?

Your trained SSLED Therapist will do a consultation to determine which of your skin concerns the SSLED treatments need to target, and determine the colour, frequency, time and product for the treatment. You will then be prescribed your SSLED treatments. Your skin will be cleansed and exfoliated. You will be positioned under the SSLED for the start sequence of your treatment. The length of treatment time varies depending on the skin condition being treated. Following your SSLED treatment we will then apply toner, eye cream, moisturiser and sunscreen.

What is LED Technology?

Skin Rejuvenation using LED has been used for over 30 years and has been known to have anti-ageing and skin health benefits.

Leading on from initial research from NASA, where LED's were used to grow plants in space, researchers noticed that LED light therapy regenerated skin tissue, boosted collagen & elastin production and improved the appearance of the skin.

Photo-Rejuvenation has become one of the beauty industry's best kept secrets! It is a non-invasive treatment that penetrates specific wavelengths of pulsed, non-thermal light energy into the skin to effectively reduce the appearance of skin ageing without the usual side effects or down time of other treatments.

LED therapy works by giving the cell light energy that can be converted into fuel, much like the process of photosynthesis in plants, in turn, providing even ageing cells the benefit of a full cellular metabolism to produce proteins and enzymes essential for building & repairing the skin.

More research confirmed that with a series of treatments, LED could speed up healing, reduce inflammation, and stimulate fibroblasts, with an increase in collagen production by as much as 200%. One trial in the journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found that a 20min LED treatment for 12 weeks had a positive smoothing effect in 83% of subjects and improved skin tone for an incredible 91%!

The latest developments in LED include poly chromic (more than one wavelength blended at the same time) LED's which, when flashed at the right cycling, have a multi level effect of far increased efficiency, somewhat like watering a garden with a hose that is dispensing droplets of moisture over the whole garden instead of a continual blast on an individual plant.

The SSLED treatments incorporate all these latest features.

Ask one of our expert Skin Managers for more information about LED facials and how we can assist you in obtaining optimum skin health by designing the right package just for you.

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