Professional Spa Tanning

At Pure Aqua Day Spa we use professional salon tanning products that deliver a safe, easy alternative to tanning, rather than laying out in the harmful rays of the Australian sun.

All tans are carried out in a private treatment room with a professional therapist, using a spray gun and machine, to deliver a spotless, streak-free cover.

If you are short on time and looking for someone to professionally exfoliate your skin before you tan, then try our body scrub and tan package.

We advise you to wear dark, loose clothing and opened toed shoes to your appointment to prevent the tan from rubbing against clothing.

Full Body Salon Spray Tan: for a limited time our tans are ONLY $20 (normally $30.00)

Fully Body Salt Scrub Exfoliation & Salon Spray Tan $95.00

Spray Tan Package - Buy 6 for $120.00(Save $60)

If you don't want us to do a full body exfoliation please exfoliate thoroughly at home the morning before and come to your appointment without wearing deodorant or body moisturisers. Important note: If you are wearing a low back dress for a special occasion it is recommended to have a professional exfoliation for the back, as this can be a hard to reach area.

At Pure Aqua Day Spa we look after the finest details to make your spray tan experience perfect.

To book your professional spa tan simply call Pure Aqua Day Spa on

3889 1907

Tanning Tips

Tips Prior to Tanning

Tip 1 - Shave/Wax/Sugar (hair removal) and exfoliate at least 24 hrs prior to tanning - this will ensure an even tan application.

We recommend using our spa exfoliation gloves or an oil free scrub. It is important to when exfoliating that you pay attention to rough skin area's like knees, ankles and heels.


TIP 1 - ON THE DAY AVOID - We recommend on the day of your spray tan to avoid the use of deoderants, moisturisers, perfume and make up.

TIP 2 - LOOSE CLOTHING - We recommend on the day that you bring dark, loose fitting clothes to put on after your tan.

TIP 3 - AVOID THE FOLLOWING FOR 5 HRS - For best results you should avoid the following for at least 5 hours after your tan. Water, sauna's, spa's, physical exercise/sweating, swimming, tight fitting clothing.

TIP 4 - DON'T RINSE OFF WITH SOAP - Gently rinse off excess topical bronzer with like warm water in the shower, use a chemical free shower gel instead of soap as they can be abrasive to the skin.

TIP 5 - PAT YOURSELF DRY - to avoid any excess rubbing that may remove some of your tan.


TIP 1- To prolong your tan we recommend using a Tan Extender or Restore Hydrating Lotion daily.

TIP 2 - AVOID SWIMMING FOR LONG LENGTHS OF TIME - If you do wish to swim in a pool, rinse the chlorine water off your skin as soon as possible as chlorine will fade your tan faster.

TIP 3 - AVOID EXCESSIVE SWEATING - Sweating makes the tan come off faster, particularly on the insides of your arms and behind the knees.

TIP 4 - LONG BATHS AND HOT SPA'S - they will fade your tan faster

Avoid any product that is designed to exfoliate the skin as this will remove your tan.


TIP 1 - Use our spa exfoliating gloves to help remove your old tan and prepare you for your new one.

TIP 2 - SOAK IN A BATH - Soaking in a bath or spa makes exfoliating old tan much easier as the skin is softened and top layers are easier to remove.

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