Maskne is very real and it's a condition being suffered
by many of us at the moment.
It's official name is "Acne Mechanica" and it describes congestion,
acne breakouts and irritation as a result of wearing face masks.
When you breathe or talk, your mask traps a lot of hot air, this then creates a warm, humid environment which is an ideal setting for bacteria to grow.
These bacterial imbalances along with friction from your mask can promote acne and Rosacea flare ups as well as a condition known as Perioral Dermatitis.
Carefully chosen home care can help to calm and balance your skin's natural flora as well as provide a barrier for protection.
Looking after your skin correctly as well as frequently changing your mask will make the world of a difference and bring comfort back to your skin.

At Pure Aqua Day Spa we're here to help. We've developed a healing, soothing facial treatment to bring back balance and comfort to your skin, as well as team you up with the best skin care suited for your individual needs.

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