At Pure Aqua Day Spa we choose to use all natural products that are CHEMICAL FREE, just the way nature intended.

Botanical Extracts

Botanical Extracts is a natural skincare range that combines the latest proven science from European laboratories with herbal extracts & pure essential oils. Botanical Extracts utilises orchestral plant formula design, meaning many natural molecules working in synergy with one another for optimum performance.


Botanical Extracts doesn't accelerate the renewal of skin cells using AHA, BHA, Kojic or any other acids. Botanical Extracts philosophy provides for long term skin health by promoting cell nutrition, cell protection and, what we believe is the key to ageless beauty, cell longevity.Unlike other ranges, it focuses on cell longevity, as anything that promotes cell renewal is actually accelerating the ageing process. It is irrefutable fact, that all human cells can only reproduce 50 times, and then they dissapear, leaving the skin thinner.


Botanical Extracts is a fully professional range, which is only available in professional Beauty Salons & Spa's. Your trained Beauty Therapist or Spa Prosessional is the only one who can give you a truely professional analysis and managed prescription for home care to continue your skin's rejuvenation and path towards optimum health.

No Nasties Policy!

botanical Extracts Non-Inclusion Policy excludes all the following "Nasties", going right back to the raw ingredient supplier to ensure that none of the processes, preservative systems of the base ingredients have been contaminated with any of the following exclusions:

- Parabens - an antiquated system of cheap preservatives that studies have linked with cosmetics to breast cancer tissue.

- Sulphates / Sulfanates, etc - may cause skin sensitivity & impair the skin barrier functions.

- MIT's - thought to be allergenic & cytotoxic, linked to nerve cell death.

- Artificial Fragrance - may cause allergies, do cause sensitivity & photosensitivity & are really just a cheap , uneducated alternative to the science of Aromatherapy.

- Artifical Colours - research suggests that they are comedogenic & sensitising & only add beauty to the appearance of the product.

- Lanolin / Derivatives - may contain pesticides, which are irritating to the pilosebaceous unit & are an animal by product.

- SD Alcohol - will cause sensitivity.

- Isopropyl Myristate - may cause over stimulation of sebaceous glands.

- Formaldehyde - accepted as a human carcinogen & drying to the skin.

- Diazolidinyl Urea - a serious formaldahyde donor & animal by-product.

- Coal Tars, Mineral Oil - occlusive on the skin & studies have shown these to be carcinogenic.

- Animal derived / by-products - unacceptable to many religious practices, & science has now shown them not to be as clean, effectrive or necessary as plant derived ingredients.

- Testing on animals - Unacceptable to the conscience of most humans.

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